My experience of travel insurance with a cancer diagnosis.


I was diagnosed with stage 2 bowel cancer in March 2018 at the age of 36.  It came as a total shock as I hadn’t been un well and I was what I considered to be a healthy individual.  I exercised,  I was a healthy weight, didn’t smoke or drink much.  I was in a low risk group without a family history of the disease.

I work as an account manager and I am single mum to 3 amazing children.  Family holidays are really important to us as it gives us time to relax and spend quality time together.  Unfortunately when cancer hit thoughts of a holiday were put on hold.  I had a holiday booked to Turkey in the June but had to cancel and I hadn’t taken out travel insurance so I lost my money.  I did what a lot of people do and was leaving it until nearer the holiday to book insurance.  An expensive mistake I won’t make again, especially since having cancer.  I can no longer take those risks as you never know what’s round the corner.

It was a difficult time for my family especially for the children having to see me go through an operation and 6 months of chemotherapy. My thoughts turned to holidays as something to look forward to once I’d finished treatment.  I wanted to take my children to Disneyland Paris and friends of ours were getting married in Cyprus in October 2019 and I was determined to make it as a family.   

My attention turned to travel insurance, I waited until I’d finished active treatment and began to get quotes on various comparison sites. I couldn’t believe the prices I was being quoted once I had declared the Bowel cancer.  I was looking at around £3000-£4000 for one weeks holiday in Europe and some companies wouldn’t insure me at all.  I began to think I wouldn’t ever be able to go on holiday again.  I live for the sunshine and warm weather so this just wasn’t an option for me.

I turned to social media to ask people I had made friends with since being diagnosed who they recommended for insurance with a cancer diagnosis.  ‘Insurancewith’ was one of the most popular responses so I decided to contact them.  They were really helpful when I called and I went through all the details and I made it clear I had finished treatment but at that stage I hadn’t been given the all clear from follow up scans and tests. They didn’t mind this, all I had to do was to inform them of any new changes from what I had declared.  I managed to get myself and my children insured for a year for under £300, I couldn’t believe it! It gave peace of mind knowing I was covered should anything happen especially health related.

I am happy to report that in 2019 we made it to Disneyland Paris, we made it to the wedding in Cyprus and I even got 2 trips away to Spain.  I certainly made up for lost time!  Cancer doesn’t have to stop you doing what you want and trips away and making memories are even more important to me now. I am coming up to my second cancer anniversary and fingers crossed I remain in remission.  Travelling has its issues post diagnosis mainly with diet and the risk of bowel obstructions but that won’t stop me and knowing I am covered means I can go and live life to the full.

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One thought on “My experience of travel insurance with a cancer diagnosis.

  1. Hello Kate, thanks for the heads up on this travel insurance company. I will be contacting them for a quote soon as I am planning on some travelling when I’ve finished this current round of chemo. Thanks for the information and I hope your well, many thanks Eddie.

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